Books & Short Fiction & Non-fiction


I have several books in progress and a few complete but currently undergoing edits. Please read the blurbs below and feel free to contact me if you are interested in becoming a Beta-reader. I am currently seeking representation from a literary agent.




Quotidian- (working title and cover) Sci-fi/Dystopian. Complete and unpublished

Blurb: Hours after a solar flare casts the city of Seattle into darkness, earthquakes and floods tear into the city, volcanoes erupt, and all life comes to an end… and then it starts all over again.
Caught in an inescapable loop in time, Thom and the rest of the city spend the next five years reliving the end of the world. Amongst the chaos, a government is formed, jobs established, and new and exciting diversions are born. But with no fear of death and no limit to the cruelties man can conceive, it is not much of a life.
Eager to make a difference in an unchanging world, Thom quits his job as a Witness to verbal contracts to become an IDLE man. As an Instant Death Loop Ender, he must wake his clients before their imminent deaths each morning. But when he inadvertently wakes a man intended to remain in an eternal slumber, he learns that the department he now works for is not as noble and incorruptible as he first believed. Thom must choose between keeping their secrets or risk exposing the very department he suspects has the power to kill…permanently.


grounded cover

Grounded- (working title and cover) Science Fiction. Complete and unpublished

Blurb: Hundreds of lives were lost to the sky during the Fracture, the result of an experiment gone wrong. In seconds, everything and everyone within a mile of the research facility became completely and irreversibly weightless.
In the aftermath, Kyle and the other survivors are given the chance to join a new space program. With New Heights, they will embark on an expedition to the sky and beyond without gravity to hold them back.
But to make it through training, Kyle must contend with a diverse and inexperienced crew, some of whom want nothing more than to see him fail.

Short Fiction

Cephi– Published in The Colored Lens, Summer 2019. Finalist in the National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F) writing contest.

Icarus Drowned– Finalist in the National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F) writing contest. Published on this site. Read it for free here!

Quantum Quietus– Won 1st place in the National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F) writing contest. Published in Eldritch Science March 2018. Read it for free here!

The Post-Apocalyptic Tourist’s Guide to Seattle– A novelette. Available on Amazon KDP.

Feldspar– Baen Books 2017. Winner of the 2017 Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Contest.

Want– Off-Kilter II Anthology 2016

Blue and Green Horizons– Off-Kilter Anthology 2014

Short Non-Fiction

Stasis: The Future of Suspended Animation– Baen Books- 2017

Enclosed Ecosystems and Life Support in Sci-fi PUTTING THE SCIENCE IN FICTION- Writer’s Digest Books- available on Amazon and Audible now.


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