Writing will always be a creative outlet for all my scientific ‘what-ifs’. As writers, we often deviate from the laws of science to suit the needs of our stories. This is largely unnecessary. Science can be twisted and molded until we have the desired effect, but once the laws of nature are broken, you lose what makes fiction so compelling and relatable. All it takes is thorough research and a bit of scientific curiosity to create fascinating worlds and characters without sacrificing believability.

This site is dedicated to writing with science in mind. Visit the blog page to see my latest posts.

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04/05/18- Writers Digest has revealed the cover for “Putting the Science in Fiction.”


Cover from Writers Digest 

01/13/18– My short story, “Quantum Quietus,” won first place in the National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F) writing contest. Both “Nautilus” and “Icarus Drowned” were also among the nine finalists.


01/10/18– Release Day for The Post-Apocalyptic Tourist’s Guide to Seattle!


10/23/17– The Post-Apocalyptic Tourist’s Guide to Seattle is available for pre-order on KDP. Buy it here.

07/21/17– The audio version of “Feldspar,” was featured on the Baen Free Radio Hour. It was narrated by Peter Nelson, music and production by Bryan Tully and Ben Kramer.

07/14/17– Baen Books published my article “Stasis: The future of Suspended Animation.” In it, I discuss the technology and interview scientists leading the field.

06/21/17– Writer’s Digest Books has just acquired World rights to publish Putting the Science in Fiction, edited by Dan Koboldt. I will have a chapter on Ecosystems and Life Support. Anticipated publication in Fall 2018.

06/16/17“Feldspar” is now published.

Baen webpage screenshot

Baen main page screenshot

05/26/17– I accepted the Jim Baen memorial Award at ISDC 2017 in St. Louis.


05/25/17– Interviewed in Baen Free Radio Hour podcast by Baen Senior Editor, Tony Daniel, and contest administrator William Ledbetter. Also present was contest runner-up, Stephen Lawson. Listen to the podcast: